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As a hockey fan since childhood, I watched the the U.S. Women’s Hockey team along with the rest of the world during the 2014 Olympics in their battle for gold against long-time rival, Canada. The U.S. was a force not to be denied the entire game into the last 4 minutes of the third and final period with a 2-0 lead …when things suddenly changed. Were they celebrating prematurely, and in doing so, risking it all? I’m not sure, but when the period ended Canada had tied the game and ultimately won, 3-2 in overtime.

I could certainly understand the crushing thunder of defeat in the hearts of the U.S. players, but I was sincerely embarrassed by their behavior, especially during the medal ceremony. Their disdain prevented them from even the most slight grace and dignity, all but one turning their faces away from the woman attempting to hang their silver medals upon them.

As this shameful display continued, one of the sportscasters said something that resonated with me profoundly, “Clearly one of these teams were playing to win (in overtime) and the other was playing not to lose …and there’s a difference.”

Playing not to lose? Having recently been re-evaluating so much in my life, I asked myself …

Are you living to win, or living not to lose?

Those words now grace the top of a large blackboard that hangs on the wall across from my desk, and also top my business cards.

I love what I do for clients as a creative content producer and marketing professional, but I longed for liberty as well — time to write projects close to my heart that I’ve been putting off, or simply a place to scribble …in sassy Rosie style if the situation warrants.

Don’t live by habit and momentum of the past. (author unknown)

Fellow writer, political sparring partner and all-around smart guy, Raymond Alexander Kukkee recently exchanged some thoughts with me on writing, then asked for a more formal interview for his blog, Incoming Bytes. The look back …the real walk back in time drummed up thoughts and feelings about writing and how I’ve grown, and as I read some of my previous work, I was reminded of what had been missing today. With a little nudge from Raymond, I’ve brought some of ‘me’ back to life by creating this blog.

So this new heart-center is an opportunity to introduce some of my personal portfolio from the past, while also creating space for the future pieces I intend to create. In the coming weeks and months I’ll be expanding topical categories and would be interested if there’s one you’d like to see included.

I hope you’ll return often and share your thoughts and/or opinions.
Thanks for stopping by,

P.S., a special thank you to Raymond for the gentle nudge he gave me to create this space.


4 thoughts on “Simply Ro

  1. Rosemary - February 18, 2015

    Lovely, Raymond. Thank you. Sometimes getting ‘un-stuck’ is a matter of asking ourselves the right question. Replacing ‘living’ with ‘working’, ‘loving’ or whatever is a great way to get a bit of clarity. When you do, it’s pretty hard to ignore the true answer …the one that comes directly from your heart and gut, not your head. I’ve also learned it’s not necessary to have all the answers, or a firm destination for change, but more so to simply begin the journey.

    Here’s to it never being to late to start!

  2. Raymond Alexander Kukkee - February 18, 2015

    Rosemary, it is amazing how astute that observation is. ” live to win, or live not to lose?”. We write every day for other purposes, for ‘jobs’ and ‘economics’ and demands, but not generally for our own enjoyment–that is just surviving, not exploring one’s creativity and really living. Writing for ‘sassie Rosie’ for a change is a great idea! Go out in that beautiful sanctuary and dream, and scream and write, create, and smile; with beautiful surroundings like that, I’m guessing not much of a nudge is needed. Your creativity is calling. Pssst…you’re welcome. ~R

  3. Rosemary - February 18, 2015

    Raymond, had a little issue with this page, but it’s fixed now. Can you try again?

  4. Raymond Alexander Kukkee - February 18, 2015

    I sent you a comment, Rosemary, and it went ‘POOF’. Oops.

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