The Terrorist Within

I’m a bit amazed at times that as individuals, and as a country, we often look at the horrific actions in the name of hate and religion in far away lands or cultures with dismay, and yet somehow we miss the reflection of ourselves.

Both history and current news cycles make clear that we may label our hate and religious ideology in terms more palatable, but the similarities between hanging or burning southern blacks in the sixties bear a remarkable likeness to the beheading and burning of people today in the Middle East. The hateful bombing of a mid-western mosque that claims innocent lives is no less the actions of a terrorist simply because the bomber wore no suicide vest. And since we’re so big on our Christian superiority, what is it that God said, something about casting the first stone?

First published the week after 9/11 (taken from the web and submitted to the newspapers by someone unknown to me)

The Terrorist Within

Beyond the physical annihilation of what was once a twin symbol of American prosperity, the horizon of an era draped in a cloak of false security disappeared behind a landscape of horror and overwhelming sadness off the harbor of Manhattan. Still in the grips of unimaginable human loss at the hands of cowardly foreign enemies, we struggle to endure the waves of emotion that build in our hearts and seep through our tears resurrecting not only our greatest strengths, but also our darkest weaknesses. Continue reading “The Terrorist Within”

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