Interview of My Heart

Wow, what can I say!

It’s always nice to be interviewed about something you’re passionate about, especially if you don’t mind sharing your thoughts and opinions, and they’re accepted in the spirit offered.

Proving there’s a lot more depth to the people we exchange casual banter and Facebook ‘likes’ with than we often realize, I recently had the privilege of learning more about Raymond Alexander Kakkee. A published author and the writer/publisher of the amazing blog, Incoming Bytes, Raymond’s interests, knowledge base and talents are as wide as the Mississippi and run just as deep.

It was a great experience walking back through my days as an emerging writer with Raymond, and I so appreciate the time he spent bringing our interview forward.

I hope you’ll check it out and give us your thoughts. Does it resonate with a creative or passionate path you’ve taken …or would love to take? We’d love to hear.


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