MiracleFirst published in the anthology, Miracle of Sons (Penguin Putnam, 2003)

I’ll never forget the exact moment in time when it hit me — that the 4-year old boy quietly gazing out the window of my pickup, my son, Sean, was the embodiment of a profound, old soul; one who could simply reach out and touch the heart of human kind with a philosophy far beyond his years. And in that moment I knew, single mother and all, I had been blessed with a special child for which my very best had to be given every day, every moment, and with every breath…beyond what we tell ourselves at the start of parenthood, and with all the honesty I could muster. For God, I knew, had big plans for him and despite any hardship that came my way, I was the one chosen to guide and nurture him. Continue reading “Priceless”

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