The Integrity Scale

Fav_Sean_tieLife has a way of challenging all children as they grow and seek to find their place amongst their peers, and even a child like Sean had lessons to explore and learn from. As it often happened, one of my best tools as the guardian of his young heart was born out of a “grand parental punt” when he was 9 years old; one of those times when you pull something out of the air and pray that you’ve done a good enough job to make it work.

Sean was the beneficiary of something I call my “scrapbook from the heart”, those lessons of life passed down from one generation to another. This particular page from my scrapbook held the lesson of “integrity”; it’s meaning taught to me by my father. I believe (as my father did) that integrity is something that you feel, as much as it is something you uphold with your actions and honor. Putting that in “child-speak”, something they can really grasp at a young age can be a challenge. Continue reading “The Integrity Scale”

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