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fowFor all the politically opinionated pitfalls and brain fade we can experience on Facebook (ugh, Tequila please …anybody?), there’s something pretty incredible about the friendships that develop …people you’ll probably never meet in person, but who become nonetheless, your go-to folks for a good laugh, a quick ‘how to’, or just to get the day’s political news off your chest. They root for you and you root for them, which is why I followed a link recently posted by my friend and fellow author from Canada, Raymond Alexander Kukkee.

Raymond had posted about an interview he had wrapped up recently with Christie Birmingham of Time Talk about his newly released novel, The Fires of Waterland, as well as some thoughts about his past work and writing process.

It was a great interview and I was especially happy that he mentioned the often difficult, but necessary truth about writers needing to find and embrace their own voice. Brevity not being my forte, my comment became more of a purging (a shock I’m sure to all that know me …not), a story of my own challenge of confidence and ‘voice’ as a young writer and how it became a life-altering moment for me.

At one point or another, all writers meet such a challenge and Raymond was kind enough — in the spirit of helping those who will surely follow — to republish the full text of my comment within a new in-depth blog post of his own, expanding further on the topic. You can read the new post with my comments at Raymond’s blog, Incoming Bytes.com Continue reading “A Writers Voice”

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