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Walking The Talk; A Gift From Rory

During a recent interview by Raymond Alexander Kukkee for his creative-space blog, Incoming Bytes, we spoke some of my journey into screenwriting early in my writing career.

As my thoughts of that time linger still, I can close my eyes and remember everything as it was. I can see clearly the space in which I dreamed, then wrote.

My home, being from the early 50’s, had windows that lifted up and were without screens, so my dogs often poked their heads in just to make sure I hadn’t moved since the last time they checked on me. And perhaps more importantly, I remember a home alive with young, unencumbered and uninhibited souls who lingered and lounged around my place, laughing, eating, watching movies or Saturday Night Live, and who would occasionally peek around the doorway to inquire, “What scene are we on now?”

We? Let me explain. Continue reading “Walking The Talk; A Gift From Rory”

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