In A Heartbeat

I had a wonderful exchange with Facebook friend and fellow author, Raymond Alexander Kukkee, which he posted to his blog, The following is an essay mentioned in that discussion, which also happens to be the my first published piece from 1993.

In a Heartbeat; A Special Thank You to Forgotten Heroes

If a survey were conducted throughout the hospital questioning what brought employees to Mercy San Juan, their answers would be as diverse as the backgrounds they come from. Each brings with them different experiences and personalities that when combined, form a potpourri of strengths and weaknesses. The enormous task each unit must endure on a continual basis is that of melding the best of everyone to achieve the highest of standards, often in spite of their differences.

Within the whirlwind of increased patient loads, budget restraints, added legal requirements, and reduced resources, it is no wonder that every now and then we must remind ourselves — and each other — of our mission and philosophy and our personal obligations to health care. Sometimes – when we least expect it – that reminder appears much like a rainbow after an intense shower …a new birth of spirit that warms our soul and revives our sense of purpose. Often such a rainbow brings a reminder of the dedication others around us possess that we overlook on a day-to-day basis. Together and individually, we have the ability to make a difference in the lives of those we care for. Continue reading “In A Heartbeat”

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