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200x300_Unhinged front coverCo-Authored by Rosemary Roberts; Newly Released (May 2016)

Over a decade in the planning, I couldn’t be more proud to have co-authored Healthcare Unhinged; The Making of an Advocate with my friend and fellow patient advocate, Liz Helms.

As one of California’s most respected health coalition builders and trusted voice of health consumers for over two decades, Liz recounts her tragic and personal story of our broken healthcare system …a system that, from the birth of HMO’s, has put profits over patients and denied or limited access to appropriate care for millions. By helping to meld the voices of many, Liz has inspired and fought for the passage of many of the consumer protection healthcare laws that Californians enjoy today, laws that have become templates for the nation and indeed played a significant role in preventative care requirements within the Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare Unhinged is available in print and ebook at and other leading book retailers.



Free download of the eBook, Beyond Life Alert
Beyond Life Alert …download for FREE


Beyond Life Alert …and other emergency medical devices and services

For every adult child who worries about an aging parent; for every senior who faces the challenges of independent living; for every parent of a child who endures an acute illness; for every person who suffers from a chronic medical condition and/or requires care from multiple health providers …this book was written for you.

Learn why getting an ambulance to your home quickly is only half the battle, and how easy it is to create an emergency medical outline that can save your life, or that of someone you love.




MiracleThe anthology, Miracle of Sons, is incredibly special to me.

In most cases, contributing authors submit several essays (and in this case, true stories) for consideration, for which the editors typically choose one. I submitted two essays and by the next day, the editor called to say that there was no way they could choose between them, that they were the “jewels of the book” and both would be included.

Stuffed Angel, which is the story of the special bond between my son, Sean, my dad and a teddy bear named George, was written nearly a decade after I finished a fictional screenplay based on the same. Priceless was one of my most tender memories of Sean and written specifically for Miracles.




The ’10-Minute’ series was designed and written to give readers an easy-to-understand foundation of the topics included, as well as a plethora of fun and easy tips for incorporating the subject into their everyday lives. Both Zen and Celtic Spirituality blend well with any formal religious beliefs (or none at all).




The Celts were an amazing, colorful people who used story & lyrics to pass along their history rather than written documentation initially. With my ancestry part Irish, this was a really fun book to research and has now been published in three languages.




What Would The Buddha Recycle? blends the art of right thinking and right action of Zen with the ever increasing ways in which green living is encouraged. From building materials, natural fiber and materials of expanding clothing lines, to ecologically safe cleaning products, readers discover ways to decrease their personal ecological footprint.

I never liked the chosen title, as ‘recycling’ is but an extremely small fraction of the contents.

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